The bottom of the world

The bottom of the world

We all travel for different reasons. Personally, the type of trip where one sits by a pool or on a beach and reads a book while sipping alcoholic beverages is not my thing. Not that I have anything against alcohol. Refer previous post.

My personal inspiration for wanting to go to Patagonia is two-fold.

Firstly, in the late 70s I read Bruce Chatwin’s ‘In Patagonia’, which is as much a personal journey or a discourse on motivation for travel as it is a travel journal. In search of a replacement for a bit or Brontosaurus skin that he saw as a child, Chatwin meets a cast of unlikely people in an even more unlikely landscape.

Secondly, the beautiful national parks and one-horse towns and lakes and pampas and Andean mountain passes have ‘un cierto allure romántico’ – a certain romantic allure.

One week today and we’ll be in the air and just hours away from Santiago. ¡Vamos!

Map downloaded from Wikipedia. Map credits: Acercamiento del “Chile Moderno” en el Mapa Geografico de America Meridional, dispuesto y gravado por D. Juan de la Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, 1775. Image source:

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